Question: Should I Get a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering or Cyber Security?

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First of all I would like to say that I admire your work on youtube and many times your videos helped a lot to go through my university’s projects. I’m currently …

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35 thoughts on “Question: Should I Get a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering or Cyber Security?

  1. I was thinking about having my major as Cyber security (focusing on intrusion detection) and having a minor in criminal justice. Is this a good idea?

  2. I have my Masters in Cyber security, I make 250K a year before bonus, Much better Idea than choosing to do an MBA. You have to think the more we move toward a cybernetic world and more hook up apps that come out and fin tech that is coming out someone has to keep user information safe. Companies are paying big money to say they have the best on the block. No one wants to get sued my advice do the program make the money, find somewhere to invest it.

  3. The best and most sure way to get into the Cyber Security industry is by joining the US Military. The reason for this is because they have the centers and program training for it plus, you will receive governmental clearance to access this kind of secured information. The reason most Cyber candidates can't land the job is because of passing background checks. Most Cyber Security jobs require "Clearance" more than 50% are Top Secret, Some Secret and Public Trust. Meaning credit checks, no crimes committed in your past, good reference checks, and most of all "Experience". So, Essentially Eli is right if you don't want to serve the country its best to stay away from this program.

  4. i just have done my BS in telecommunication and networking and now i am confused that whether should i do master in cyber security or master in telecommunication and networking.. can u tell me which one will be better please reply

  5. I'm a chemist, I can't see getting a job in law enforcement with a chemistry degree. No one wants to work in the crime lab, lousy pay, over worked and n recognition! However if you have a good science degree and learn some computer science, you can get a job in computer science. Look at all the "physics majors" now writing software. You are hired for your brains, ability to learn, more than what you know now!

  6. I know some cyber guys that they don't know how the network works. People want to jump to the cyber field without experience as system admin or network admin.

  7. "With a bachelors degree in computer science you should be able to get a job that pays". Cmon, eli you know better, it is not that simple. You make it feel like you can just knock on a company's door and they will say "You are in. Get to work."

  8. Hello!
    I'm currently learning Science.
    STEM which stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.
    We learn biology, chemistry physics, and mathematics. those are the main classes. in Stem, we are learning about comouters and my teacher is actually a Hacker. He will teach us how to Hack in 5th year. So my question is, should I follow this path? I want to habe a job in programming, developing making websites games and stuff. Started learning Java.

  9. I moved to the United States two years ago with a degree in management information technology would it be a good ideal to go back to school for a company science masters degree?

  10. isnt better when you are not on the mood ,just forget answering questions? because your reaction to that question is like an expert with douche problems

  11. What about the degree in information systems with a focus on cybersecrity offered by the University of Alabama in Huntsville? iv already been accepted I'm a senior in high school.

  12. I'm assuming there will be some knowledgeable people here on this subject, so if you know the answer please me out. If someone has your IP address and your phone number can they hack you? And if so how much damage can they do?

  13. thanks a lot sir , now i am in 2nd year of computer science ( B.eng. )
    in my first year i changed my major to Computer science from Cyber Security after watching this and now i am doing better

  14. I'm torn between software engineering and cybersecurity since my school has a great program in cybersecurity. I like cybersecurity but software engineering seems more universal and more guaranteed to get a job in what you studied at least from what I've read

  15. That response was really.. typical.

    Yes he should go and do something in industry because it seems he cares about his career more than his education. But…

    If a person is more of a scientist than a techie or IT person, graduate school is a wonderful idea. Computers are complicated. Things like: AI, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing are not going to be picked up hooking up routers or building websites. There are some things industry can't (or won't) teach you, unless you work at something like Bell Labs.

    Simple advice. Think critically. Do what you want to do.

  16. I am currently doing my btech in computer engineering technology. but i heard tht the salary of an engineer is way higher than a technologist. what should i do? if i do masters in computer engineering or software engineering or computer science..will that help me? can i make my transition from technology degree in bachelors to engineering degree in masters? if yes, how so? please advice.

  17. In my opinion, Information Technology doesn't distinguish between any IT field. You can graduate with a degree in Computer Engineering and land a job as a Web Developer as long as you are good. Computer Science – Software Engineer – Computer Engineer – Network Engineer – Information Security Engineer – They are all the same as long as you are good at what you do.

  18. i figured out this guy has a speech impediment. first video I've seen of him…. i love it lol!
    i could listen to him all day, he makes me happy when talking about things such as these i consider too. i decided myself cyber security, hopefully a right choise. 😀 😀

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